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 What a difference it makes to your mindset by allowing yourself to breathe and slow your mind down in the morning (or anytime for that matter).


Nicole Dorrington (our instructor for most the week at the Bodies by Ryan Retreat) explained to us that our breath is like the washing machine for our minds... How true! She continued to say how we always make time to wash material objects like our cars and clothes but never stop to wash and give our minds a clean cycle.   



We are all very similar in the fact that we give ourselves that one hour a day for exercise (if that!) and we always tend to do what we want to do, which is fine! When it comes to health and fitness you should always do what you enjoy, because you’re going to keep doing it. But there comes a time when we HAVE to give ourselves what we need rather than what we want both physically and mentally. 


We always put time into big movements, which is great! We need to be strong, we need to be functional and we need to be fit but the majority of us are all searching for the ENDORPHIN RUSH, and we go, go, go at 1000mph like a bull at a gate with no warm up. Heavy lifts, fast or long runs, or both. We push our bodies until we get "that" feeling.  


We can do this for years as we keep chasing that feeling. Each day, it’s the same routine; wake up, hit snooze and allow yourself just enough time to get to the gym.  Finish your session, do a 43-second cool down because let’s face it, you have loads of emails to reply to and the world could implode in the next half an hour if we don't reply to them all ASAP!!  


About 5% of people I speak to these days schedule time into their days to meditate. For the other 95%, do any of these excuses sound familiar?


“I CAN'T MEDITATE… I'm too busy, all I do is think about the washing, picking up the kids or what we’re having for dinner.”


“I just don't have time.”  


Well, as Tony Robbins says, "if you don't have 10 minutes, you don't have a life."  


If you keep telling yourself you’re stressed and you're too busy… guess what you'll continue to be? Yup, stressed and too busy. Stressed is such a dirty word, everybody is stressed these days when in actual fact, there’s never been a better time to be alive as we have everything at the tips of our fingers. Life should be easy, we can communicate with people on the other side of the world, we can order pretty much anything to our doorsteps within minutes yet statistically we’re the most stressed we've ever been. Work’s too busy and life’s too busy. Our calendars are overflowing with events.

I want you to remember one thing. We are all products of the choices that we’ve made. You always have choice. Consciously choose the events you say yes to, choose to leave work on time to get to the gym, wake up early enough to fit in your meditation or breath work before the day begins.



Being aware of these choices becomes so much easier when we give ourselves some white space.


Let me ask you a question… When was the last time you took a breath? Not the obvious answer, because I know you’re all technically breathing right now but when did you last fill your stomach, chest and organs by slowly and deeply inhaling oxygen?


When was the last time you were aware that you took a breath? Let me guess. Every now and again at work or at home, when everything gets a little much and we’re overwhelmed we take a massive breath and let out a big sigh “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH”. Following the massive sigh, I personally feel a little overwhelmed and slightly anxious before thinking ‘f$%k that was the first time I've actually taken a breath today and it’s three o’clock?’


If some of the busiest, most powerful people on the planet can schedule time into their day to meditate, so can you. Just own that you’re not that organised at the moment and there’s room for improvement #truthbomb 


Now, I'm going to let you all in on a little secret pattern that I’ve seen show up TIME AND TIME AGAIN. So if you’re reading this while watching your favourite Netflix show, please pause it now and pay attention to the next paragraph.  


The time when people start meditating is usually right about the time they’re about to fall apart mentally. I know that’s what happened to me and it’s also what I've seen in others. We get anxious, we're overwhelmed and we don't know what to do! 


I’ve helped lots of people who are at that stage and the conversation usually starts like this… 


Hey Ryan, how are you? I'm looking to get back into the gym, what do you recommend I do? I want to get stronger and drop some body fat.


Hey, happy to help where I can mate. How are you?


Yeah, I’m good.  


That’s good, so where did the motivation for the new gym program come from?


Ah, I just want to get fitter and stronger. I’ve been a bit slack lately!


Yeah perfect, I'll help out as much as I can.  So, how are you?


Yeah I’m not bad (SILENCE)… Ahhhh, actually I'm a bit stressed at the moment. I've had a few things going on to be honest. 


Ah really, are you ok? Tell me more.


I just feel STRESSED. I'm juggling a few things at work and things at home aren't great. I feel really stressed and not sure what to do or who to talk to!


Well, I'm glad you've made the effort to reach out. Let’s review your daily routine and see where we can try and change a few things up to make your day run a little smoother.


This is where our meditation, yoga and breath work are crucial and even more important than the exercise you love. These calls are from people who are ready to take action, because they have hit a stage where they’re experiencing more pain than pleasure.  However when there’s still pleasure outweighing pain (even if it’s only just), it seems there’s no motivation to change or take action! 



You wouldn't believe how many messages I get asking about meditation. This is my response;


“Hey mate, I hope you're well. Schedule a time when you know you’re not going to be interrupted for 10 minutes and click this link…




Then tomorrow morning, when you wake up or before you train or work, click this link. It only takes six minutes. 




 Commit to this for a week then let’s touch base again next week.” 


Everyone who has done this and stuck to it, even if it’s just one week, has HUGE results. People have told me it literally feels like a weight has lifted.  I know from my own experience that when I gave myself some time to mediate, I started to manage my whole life better.  I became more organised at work, had better quality relationships, improved the quality of my workouts and generally became more aware and started living a better life. I’ve become more compassionate, more loving and open, and want to follow my mission and create my legacy. None of this was clear to me until I harnessed the energy of breath and meditation. I’ve only been doing it for around 18 months so I'm excited to further my experiences into different meditations and breath work. 


So, please gift yourself 10 minutes a day and watch your world open up. You deserve it! 

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